Beep币扑“Plan B”第六期:2020添密市场---Kyle,你怎么望?

原标题:Beep币扑“Plan B”第六期:2020添密市场---Kyle,你怎么望?

主题:What to expect from crypto market in 2020? Kyle,你怎么望?



分享嘉宾:Kyle Samani,Multicoin Capital说相符创首人


拷问团:陈威廉,社区KOL;巴韭特,巴韭特社区主办人;Timmy Yang,自力投资人

Plan B:Beep重磅打造的一档原生大V对话区块链大咖的线上AMA节现在


1月17日正午12点,Multicoin Capital的说相符创首人,Kyle Samani将做客Beep币扑Plan B第六期———What to expect from crypto market in 2020? Kyle,你怎么望?

Multicoin是一家理论驱动的添密基金,投资重塑全球经济所有周围的代币和公司。自2017年竖立以来,Multicoin Capital倚赖着其前瞻性和独到的眼光,投资了Bakkt、Dfinity、Dfuse、Solona等优质项现在。

题目一:您能浅易介绍下本身和Multicoin Captial吗?

Could you please make a brief introduction of yourself and Multicoin Capital?

答:Multicoin Capital是一家凝神于添密货币的投资公司。奥斯汀,纽约市,洛杉矶和北京都有吾们的做事人员。公司经历对冲基金和风险基金两栽模式治理超过1亿美元的资金:。


Multicoin Capital is an investment firm based in Austin, New York City, Los Angeles, and Beijing that invests exclusively in crypto. The firm manages more than $100M across two vehicles: a hedge fund and a venture fund.

I’m a cofounder and Managing Partner at Multicoin. I spend most of my time focused on investments, both in public and private markets.



I discovered Ethereum in early 2016, and that’s what pulled me into crypto. Given my background in finance and technology, I became fascinated with smart contracts, and became convinced they were going to be one of the most important technologies of our lifetime. Over the course of 2016, I spent an increasing percentage of my time in crypto, until I realized I couldn’t think about anything else. Ultimately, Tushar and I decided to launch Multicoin in May of 2017, and the fund went live on October 1, 2017.


It seems like a wise choice now. But was there any voice that ever made you hesitate to devoted into the crypto industry?


Yes… literally everyone. Probably 90% of my friends and family thought it was a very bad idea to launch a crypto fund. No one thought it would work